About the artist


Samy’s pop work is colorful, powerful and bold. In his style the figure in the foreground is blended seamlessly into the background, rendering the whole elements connected. His polychrome and geometric style finds its inspiration in Art Deco, a French lifestyle appeared in 1925, and Memphis Milano, a typical eighties design wave. He especially enjoys manipulating ultramarine in addition to a sunset palette of colors, also black and white with gold.

He was trained as a classical artist and after graduating, he explored numerous techniques and styles. He eventually ended up with this unique one which combines hand drawn and digital rendering.

He constantly learns from other artists from various fields, like George Stavrinos, Patrick Nagel, Andy Warhol, Jack Hughes, Coles Phillips, René Gruau, Peter Sato, Tamara de Lempicka, Ichiro Tsuruta, Ludwig Holhwein, Tom Purvis, J.C. Leyendecker, Grace Jones, Jean-Paul Goude