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About the artwork

In the vibrant realm of my pop art collection, Yoko, a Japanese vision, becomes a captivating muse, blending tradition and modernity. Adorned in a playful fusion inspired by geisha attire, she inflates a bubble gum, embodying a dynamic convergence of cultures. With headphones framing her journey between tradition and contemporary beats, Yoko's portrait, a lively celebration of pop art, bursts with colors and whimsy. The fusion of traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern accessories creates a unique style that echoes the pulse of pop art. This dynamic depiction of Yoko, as a playful poster and a vivid decoration, encapsulates the spirit of my pop art exploration, inviting viewers to savor the harmonious blend of cultural elements within this captivating visual narrative.

Printed on Fine Art paper. Hand signed.
Limited edition of 10.

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